Birkenstock encourages patrons to flaunt their difference so they can embrace, and feel comfortable with, their unique selves.


2022 D&AD Woodin Pencil 

We associate books with solitary concepts like self-care but never with social concepts like celebration. We don’t consciously acknowledge that words have the power to move us and add more magic to life’s most shared and celebrated moments.


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For this brief Volvo asked us to create a product that would make people feel more safe in their everyday lives.


eBay partners with festivals to bring sustainability to the main stage.

With eBay’s new AI Seller Tool, headliners performing this summer will sell their clothes via social media.

Following ticket sales, everybody can sign up and use the social plug-in to sell their pre-loved items.

Buying tickets allows festival goers to pre-load cash into their wristbands, directly from their eBay seller accounts.